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Liverpudlians from all parts of Liverpool have a unique dialect which varies in intensity from suburb to suburb, but it is distinctive from other parts of the country. It appears to be a mixture of Irish, Scots, Welsh and Lancashire accents.

This page has been designed to give you an introduction to the unique dialect called Scouse.


  Ale House public house (pub)
  Alley Apples stones
  Antwacky old fashioned
  Beved drunk
  Bevey an alcoholic drink
  Bifter cigarette
  Bladdered drunk, intoxicated
  Boss good, brilliant, excellent
  Brewsted well off, has money.
  Buttie sandwich
  Casey leather football
  Chippy fish and chip shop
  Cob On Annoyed
  Conny Onny condenced milk
  Cracking the Flags it's hot (the weather)
  Divvy fool
  Do One go away
  Donkey Stone used to clean front doorsteps
  Don't have a Head Wobbler don't panic
  Entry/Jigger back alley behind terraced houses
  Farder Bunloaf catholic priest
  Get Me Had Down go to sleep/bed
  Gob mouth
  Jump of a Edge Lane coitus interuptus
  Kecks trousers
  La friend
  Left footer a Catholic
  Lorra many, a lot of ( Cilla Black made famous this expression)
  Loosie single cigarette (to buy)
  Made Up excited, pleased
  Minty not very good, cheap, rubbish.
  Mug You pay for your friend(usually a drink)
  Nesh feels the cold
  Ollies marbles
  Ozzy hospital
  Paddy's Wigwam Catholic cathedral
  Paralytic drunk, intoxicated
  Proddy Dog protestant
  Skippin Leckies riding a bus without buying a ticket
  Shirt Button pathetic man
  Stickie Lice a liquorices root (to eat)
  Ta-Ra bye
  The Cut a canal (usually the Leeds to Liverpool)
  Till Dick Docked waiting a long time
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