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Advertising on Liverpool City Portal

It is our business objective to be the best Tourist Information site for Liverpool and the surrounding Merseyside areas. The attainment of this business objective ensures that advertising on City Portal Liverpool is effective and cost efficient. Besides promoting Liverpool as a tourist destination, our prime objective, we also wish to play a part, a small one as it may be, in the expansion of Liverpool's economy and growth. We aim to achieve this by bringing to the attention of the public, Merseyside businesses that will make their stay in our fine city and enjoyable and welcoming experience and finally to assist all Merseyside businesses grow in profits and turnover.

We have therefore formulated a number of advertising option that we can make available to your business marketing plans. These are progressive in the amount of web page exposure the offer your business and therefore the fee levels have been formulated to reflect this . This means that you select the exposure option that suits you current business needs to achieve your current marketing plans.


Advertising Options:

Option 1 - Basic

A web link, with no, or a small business description and business telephone number. This link will normally be place on the appropriate information page related to your business, and or, under the heading of "Related Website's". This option will not include a placement on Liverpool City Portals Home Page . The cost for this service is FREE


AYZ Company Supply's budget accommodation which is close to the city centre. 0151 777 777
Option 2 - Corporate Image

A graphic, photograph or text box identifying your company as a contributor of Liverpool City Portal. This reference will link directly to your companies web site ( If you do not have a web site see option 4 below ). This image will be displayed on the appropriate information section page ( or index) This will not include Liverpool City Portal Home page. Cost for this service £60.00 (sixty UK pounds) per annum


Advertise on Liverpool City Portal

Option 3 - Banner Display

Similar to the the Corporate Image ( Option 2) but a little larger. The banner may be static or animated. The cost for supplying a banner image is for you the client or Liverpool City Portal can produce a banner image on your behalf. This image will normally be displayed on the appropriate information section page (or index). This will not include Liverpool City Portals Home page. Cost for this service £150.00 (one hundred and fifty UK pounds) per annum. This does not include the design of a banner.


Advertise on Liverpool City Portal

NB: final size may vary


Option 4 - Full Web Page Your very own web page within Liverpool City Portal. Page details may be taken from any of your current advertising brochures or leaflets or existing website. The page will contain full company, service details and costs. We can also link directly to your service booking system, downloadable leaflets etc. This is your mini website. Cost for this service £250.00 (two hundred and fifty UK pounds) per annum. ( excluding regular web page updates). This page will include a location map, your full business contact information, your branding and a full description of goods, services or products.
Option 5 - Sponsorship

For your sponsorship, we will place your corporate logo/trade mark on Liverpool City Portal's Home Page. This clearly will identify your company as a sponsor and we as a business will take every opportunity to bring this fact to our web site visitors. There is no set Fee for becoming a sponsor. You may donate what you like providing it is over and above our current indicated advertising rates.

Your logo/trade mark may vary in size an location on our home page. But you can be assured that its location will be in such a way that it contribute to the page design.



Interested in one of these options? Then email your requirement to Liverpool City Portal

Click Here for Contact details


Terms & Condition of Advertising Service

1. For Free links (Option 1), business descriptions, if included, shall be at the discretion of Liverpool City Portal.

2. Free links may be removed at any time without notice.

3. Banner advertisements may be placed at the top or bottom of the web page within the page text section whichever is appropriate to aid information display and/or web page design.

4. Where a banner is required to occupy the same page as another banner. These will be rotated at approximately 10 second intervals.

5. All image sizes are approximate.

6. Liverpool City Portal reserves the right to refuse any advertising application without explanation.

7. All fees are inclusive of VAT.

8. Only advertising related to the promotion of Liverpool as a Tourist destination will be accepted.

9. Advertisements can take up to one calendar month to appear in the site. Your renewing advertising fees are calculated for that apperance date.

10. All advertising options indicated above may be paid for via a SECURE PAYPAL payment gateway, which accepts credit cards. the administration of this service is undertaken oun behalf of Liverpool City Portal bt Robert Fisher Administration Service.

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