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Blackburne Place - A Victorian hansom cab has been seen and heard traveling along Blackburn Terrace towards Hope Street. The apparition, according to eyewitness accounts, that the apparition begins to fade in the region of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts building.

Blackburne Place, Liverpool.

Croxteth Hall - numerous hauntings.1 children playing, laughing and running. 2.dark figures has been seen sitting in non existing chairs. 3.maid has been seen in the kitchen doing here duties.4.a male has been seen in the principal corridor.5.footsteps,noises and ghost of servants walking from room to room in the attic. no wonder there is ghost because it was built in c1575.from Phillip Flynn a ghost hunter.

West Derby Village Liverpool L14.

Liver Hotel - The Liver Hotel in Waterloo is reputedly haunted by the ghost of a young girl

137 South Road, Waterloo, Liverpool L22

Central Station - Some nine years ago (1966) a Liverpool off-duty policeman found himself, and another woman he met during the encounter, transported back in time. The exact year could not be identified but it appeared to be pre-war Liverpool.

Bold Street, Liverpool.

80 Bold Street - Not far from central station, two ghosts are said to haunt within the street. During a seance which was being held at Number 80 Bold Street, a Top-hatted man appeared who indicated that he had been the victim of a murder at the address. Also at the same address the specter od a woman carrying pails has also been seen at various times over a period of 150 years.

Bold Street, Liverpool.

Royal Philharmonic Hall - A ghostly humming comes from one of its lowest rooms also footsteps can be heard in empty rooms.

Hope Street, Liverpool City Centre. Liverpool L1.

Speke Hall - People have heard the sound of children crying during the night. Haunted bedrooms and a room that hid illegal priests not to mention two apparitions. The Hall regularly opens its doors to spook tours. To find out the next one ring: 0151 427 7231

The Walk, Liverpool L24 1XD

St Luke's Church - Known as the burnt-out Church, St Lukes is reputed to be one of Liverpool's most haunted locations. During 1991 a young child called Abbey, who was 6 at the time, was abducted by the spirit of an old woman, who took her inside the Abbey, which today, as then, is just a shell. As the child described the interior of the church the spirit apparently took Abbey back in time. Abbey was returned to the present, unharmed, by another spirit, a tall top-hatted man who, accordingly to eye witness accounts was leading her out of the Church by the hand. The man returned to the Church and disappeared!

Leece Street, Liverpool.

St James's Cemetery - Located on the site of the Anglican Cathedral this sunken cematary has is reputed to have 57000 interred people within its 10 acres. Late at night footsteps have been heared around the large monumenterected for the Victorian MP William Huskisson.

Upper Duke Street, Liverpool.

Lydiate Abbey - Sounds of babies crying and screaming. In Henry VIII reign it was destroyed but earlier than that it was used for sacrifices. The sacrifices being the babies

Lydiate, Merseyside

The Empire Theatre - Haunted by a young girl approximately 10 years of age. Dressed in Victorian style clothing. Reputedly appears in the Stall and is said to have tears in her eyes. A second ghost called Les is also seen in the dressing room area.

Lime Street, Liverpool. L1

Liverpool Playhouse - A cleaning lady, called Elizabeth, who was killed by a descending safety curtain which knocked her into the Pit and thereby breaking her neck is said to haunt the Theatre Balcony level in particular seat A5. The usual Lady in Grey is also said to be seen wandering around the upstairs corridor and stall area.

Willianson Square, Liverpool. L1

Rodney Street - Haunted by the ghost of William McKenzie, a wealthy Victorian railway engineer who, it is said, lost his soul to the Devil following a game of poker. Prior to his death McKenzie reasoned that if his body was not buried within the gound, the Devil could not claim his soul. he therefore constructed a hugh pyramid which stands in the middle of St Andrew's Churchyard on the corner of Rodney and Maryland Street.

Rodney and Maryland Streets, Liverpool.

Lydiate Abbey.

St Catherine's Chapel locally known as 'Lydiate Abbey' was built around 1500 for the private worship of the Ireland family who held the Lydiate Lordship from 1410-1673. In Henry VIII reign the chapel was destroyed due to the prohibited practice of the Catholic religion. Reports of paranormal activity in the chapel is ripe, as the legend tells the chapel was used for sacrifices, the sacrifices were children. From my own experiences and listening to other peoples there are sounds of babies crying and a hooded figure strolling across the tower towards the graveyard this figure is believed to be a priest, and from experiences he will show himself and make noises and movement to show he is present.

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